• Choose 4-6 Shoes

    Select 4-6 shoes for your try on box for a 24 hours session, for the small fee of 3KD.

  • Try at Home

    Your selection will arrive at your address for your to try on, match with your outfits and check the size.

  • Quick pickup

    After 24 hours, our delivery agent will contact you to arrange pickup or the box, of course for FREE.

  • Get Your New Shoes

    Proceed to order your favourite pair normally from our website

Select your try-on shoes now

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Home try-on service work?
Perfect for those who aren't sure about their size or the style of shoes! You can now try on 4-6 styles from THUNA for just 3KD. We'll deliver the box to your house, and pick it up in 24 hours. After checking the styles, you can order your favorite normally from our website.
How do I purchase the shoes after the Home try-on service?
You can order your shoes from our website normally, and it will be delivered in 2-3 days!
How do I select the shoes for the Home try-on service?
Through our Home try-on link below, you can pick any shoes from THUNA in your preferred size.
Can I order this service outside of Kuwait? 
No. Unfortunately not at this stage, but coming soon!